Transfer Factor and the Natural Killer Cells

Transfer Factor and the Natural Killer Cells


Natural Killer cells, or NK cells, are important immune cells that provide a crucial first defense against infectious agents and diseased cells.  Once activated, NK cells react in two ways.  First, they promptly secrete chemical messenger proteins that modulate emerging immune cell responses.  Second, they become potent killers of infected cells.  Without Natural Kill cells, threatening conditions can get a strong foothold before additional immune responses are able to kick in.

What we now know in the 21st century about our complex immune system is changing the way we perceive and treat disease. Especially what we are now beginning to understand about how very important our Natural Killer Cells (NK) are in keeping us alive and well.

What we’ve learned has already had a profound effect on the health and wellness of many of the patients in clinical practices around the globe. We previously know that Natural Killer Cells normally kill virus or bacteria independently. What we didn’t realize is that these cells are often inactive and not functioning as necessary or in the manner needed to maintain optimum health.

Physicians can now measure patients Natural Killer Cell Activity Function as well as the Natural Killer Cell Count. Most of us have enough Natural Killer Cells (i.e. our counts are typically normal); however, many of us do not have enough Natural Killers that are active. These inactive NK cells are present in great numbers in our blood, lymph nodes, organs and tissue, but they are not killing foreign invaders such as infectious organism and malignant cells that constantly affect all of us.

Fortunately we can take a safe, highly effective *natural supplement that has been proven to consistently and dramatically increase the activity of many of our own Natural Killer Cells.

Almost all cancer patients have very low levels of Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity: usually 0 to 20. Many patients with chronic diseases including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as a wide variety of autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and others, also have low levels in the 10 to 30 ranges.

Most patients with chronic and/or recurrent infections (such as staph, sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia and ear infections, etc.) have low levels in the 10 to 50 ranges. Many patients with symptomatic EBV, CMV, HPV and other chronic viral infections are in the 0 to 20 ranges.

Some healthy patients have been in the 150 to 250 ranges, but most others fall in the 50 to 150 range. Some supposedly “healthy” patients have had a very low NK Cell activity between 0 to 10. It is now known that low NK Cell activity is significant independent risk factor for the future development of cancer as well as other chronic diseases and illnesses.

It is also known that low NK Cell activity is a strong predictor or poor prognosis of survival of cancer patients. But it is also known that the higher the NK Cell activity in patients with cancer, the better their prognosis is for survival.

In addition, it is known that there is a direct age related decrease in NK Cell activity from 20 to 80 years of age, which may partially explain why the risk of cancer increases with each decade of life.

People of all ages desire to prevent acute and chronic diseases. It would be good for all of us and for our families to do everything possible to elevate and reactivate our Natural Killer Cells.

Transfer Factor Study with 20 cancer patients (pdf)


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