4Life® ChitoLite™ (60 capsules)
Superior Fat Binding Ability Formula

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4Life® ChitoLite is formulated from one of the most unique and effective ingredients known to help promote successful weight loss—chitosan. Chitosan is a compound that actively binds to fats. By binding fats in the stomach, chitosan prevents fat from being digested or absorbed—helping to lower fat absorption and therefore, fat accumulation on the body.

What separates 4Life’s ChitoLite formula from other chitosan products is its unique, patented, manufacturing process. 4Life’s ChitoLite acts quickly in the stomach to give maximum fat binding results. One gram of the chitosan in ChitoLite can bind up to 90 grams of fat, or as much as 30 times more than other chitosan formulas!

Primary Benefits

What makes this product unique?


My husband Marty and I recently went on a seven-day Caribbean cruise. We have been on many cruises but on this one the food was absolutely fabulous! I have to say it was the best of any of the cruises we’ve been on. As a result we ate so much! We carried our Carb BLX and ChitoLite with us to the dining room every day. When we got home and got on the scale, I had LOST a pound! Marty only gained 2 pounds! This was after eating every dessert on the menu and many times, 2 entrees! Wow! we're ready to go again, but not without our products!
—Sue P. 4Life Distributor