Over 3000 clinical studies have been published on Transfer Factor. You could spend the rest of your life studying this incredible compound, but clearly this is not practical for those of us building fast-growing businesses with high momentum. So this information sheet has been prepared with enough data for you to determine for yourself that Transfer Factor is a powerful, effective product that you will be proud to represent.


Transfer Factor Commonly Asked Questions


1.      What is Transfer Factor?

2.      What does Transfer Factor do?

3.      Is Transfer Factor protected by Patent?

4.      Do Health Professional work with Transfer Factor?

5.      Where does the colostrum come from?

6.      How is Transfer Factor extracted from colostrum?

7.      Why not just supplement with colostrum?

8.    Why you need 4Life Transfer Factor?

9.      How to choose between Transfer Factor Classic, Transfer Factor Advanced Formula & Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula?

10.    How safe is Transfer Factor?

11.    Has Transfer Factor been scientifically validated?

12.    Can anyone take Transfer Factor?

13.    Is there research data readily available?

14.  I'm a generally healthy person.  Why do I need to take 4Life Transfer Factor?

15.  Why 4Life Transfer Factor?

16.    Can anyone buy Transfer Factor?

17.    Is it expensive?

18.    Are there any testimonials on the effectiveness of Transfer Factor?

19.    More Transfer Factor FAQ

20.    Cows/Colostrum FAQ


1.    What is Transfer Factor?

- Not a vitamin

- Not a mineral

- Not a herb


Transfer Factor is the smallest molecule in colostrum. Every mother who breast-feeds her infant passes on her own immunity - in fact she passes on all of the information her immune system has gained during her lifetime. This process begins with the first milk; the pre-maternal milk celled colostrum.  The most valuable of the "immunity weapons" in colostrum are the smallest molecule called Transfer Factors.  4Life extracts these amazing transfer factor molecules from bovine (cow) colostrum and chicken egg yolk.


2.    What does Transfer Factor do?


a) Boosts Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity by over 100%.  In fact a new-generation formulation - Transfer Factor Plus increases NK cell activity by over 250% - five times more than any other natural product discovered.  NK cells are a key part of our body's defense against infection and sickness.  They seek and destroy infected or malignant cells through direct contact NK cells are especially important in fighting cancer cells, and cells infected by viruses, bacteria and fungi.


b) Raises Our Immune I.Q Transfer Factors download a ‘blueprint’ of the mother’s immune system to the recipient. This provides thousands of new ‘photographs’ for our immune system to quickly recognise new threats. They provide accurate information to build a swift attack, cutting down the time it takes to fight infection. They provide immune markers to more quickly guide T cell reactions to an invader.


c) Suppresses An Over-Active Immune System  An out-of-control immune system attacks healthy cells. The suppressor fraction of Transfer Factor dampens down this activity. This fraction of Transfer Factor is particularly effective in fighting conditions such as arthritis, MS, psoriasis, etc.



3.    Is Transfer Factor protected by Patent? 

Yes. US Patent 4,816,563 covers the molecular extraction of Transfer Factor from colostrum. The Company owns the uniqueness and exclusivity in these areas.


4.    Do Health Professional work with Transfer Factor? 

Yes. There are already hundreds of Health Professionals working with Transfer Factor here in New Zealand and Australia – many thousands around the world, including many renowned surgeons and doctors who recommend Transfer Factor to all their patients.


5.    Where does the colostrum come from? 

From Dairy cows supplying milk to the domestic milk market. For many years colostrum was poured to waste - this resource is now naturally processed to give us Transfer Factor. Of course enough colostrum is kept to provide for the newborn calves.


6.    How is Transfer Factor extracted from colostrum? 

The colostrum is collected and through a special process of molecular filtration, everything but the Transfer Factors are removed. They are then naturally dried and encapsulated for daily oral use.


7.   Why not just supplement with colostrum? 

Transfer Factors are non-allergenic whereas colostrum contains many antibodies, large milk proteins designed for the calf – primarily casein and immunoglobulins that can cause allergic reactions to many people. In other words, Transfer Factor is not species-specific – it is identical in all mammals.  This means that from cow to human, the colostrum may be different, but the transfer factors are the same.  Colostrum also contains only random amounts of Transfer Factors, so you would have to take about 75 times the amount to get the same result. Transfer Factor vs Colostrum (pdf)



8.  Why you need 4Life Transfer Factor?

We live in a world that is constantly challenging our health.  Taking 4Life Transfer Factor on a daily basis can support our immune system's ability to fight invaders and help us lead healthier lives.  4Life Transfer Factor is for all of us.


9.  How to choose between Transfer Factor Classic, Transfer Factor Advanced Formula & Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula?

Transfer Factor Classic, Transfer Factor Advanced & Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula helps to module the immune system."    (autoimmunity - overactive immune system) - Duane Townsend, MD


Transfer Factor Plus & Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula, a preparation which enhances and stimulates the body's own immune system to fight against all pathogens, viral or otherwise." (Immunodeficiency - underactive immune system) - Daruch Rosen MD.


Doctors recognize that Immune system disorders fall into two broad categories [1] Immunodeficiency ( when the immune system does not recognize invaders as being undesirable and therefore does not mobilize to destroy them. [2] Autoimmunity (self-destruction - when the immune system fails to recognize 'self' as friendly and mounts an attack on itself).

Difference between TF Classic, TF Plus & TF Advanced (pdf)


10.  How safe is Transfer Factor?

Transfer Factor is 100% safe, natural and completely non-toxic. Researchers have given massive dosages to volunteers with no negative side effects.


11.  Has Transfer Factor been scientifically validated? 

Transfer factors were discovered in 1949 by the pioneering scientist, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence. Since that time, world-leading scientists and physician have established the safety and outstanding immune system support of transfer factors with valuable medical research and hundreds of scientific papers documenting their benefits.  With the recent achievement of transfer factor extraction processes from cows and chickens, transfer factor science has entered into an exciting new era.  There have been over 3,000 scientific studies published on Transfer Factor.


Dr H Sherwood Lawrence passed away on April 5, 2004. Dr. Lawrence had a long and distinguished association with NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital. He served as both the Associate Chair of the Department and as Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases & Immunology for more than 40 years. His research concentrated in immunology, most notably in Transfer Factor. Among the numerous awards which Dr. Lawrence received for his scientific achievements was the Solomon A. Berson Medical Alumni Achievement Award in 1970, and. the H. Sherwood Lawrence Firm in the NYU Department of Medicine is named in his honor. Dr. Lawrence continued his career as a Bellevue physician, teacher, and researcher until he was in his eighties.


12.  Can anyone take Transfer Factor? 

Yes – even newborns. Removal of the milk allergens and lactose leaves the essence of the immunological information in the form of Transfer Factor. Mammals of all kind benefit from taking Transfer Factor.  Nature designed transfer factors especially for infants.  Pediatricians give 4Life Transfer Factor to children.  You can feel good about giving this product to your entire family.


13.  Is there research data readily available? 

Yes. As we have said, there are over 3,000 published research papers on Transfer Factor. This research is available in books, videos, audios and websites by the hundred. Here are a few... Medline Transfer Factor Abstracts. Anyone in the health industry can certainly validate the facts for themselves with minimal effort.



14.  I'm a generally healthy person.  Why do I need to take 4Life Transfer Factor?

Even when you feel "healthy" your immune system may be working overtime to keep you that way.  You may not necessarily be sick, but you might feel tired, fatigued and generally "run down".  4Life Transfer Factor can help support your immune system when it has become stressed.


15.  Why 4Life Transfer Factor?

4Life Scientists have perfected a unique and unconventional method, according to the Transfer Factor patent, for producing Transfer Factor XF (4Life Transfer Factor).  Unlike other spray drying processes, Transfer Factor XF is produced under low heat and proprietary processing techniques that ensure a high potency product and longer shelf life.


Every batch of Transfer Factor XF is validated for the highest activity and quality.  Transfer Factor XF is produced naturally.  No chemical additives are used during this process so that the product stays natural, consistent and chemical free in every batch.


16.    Can anyone buy 4Life Transfer Factor? 

Yes – can be sourced locally, but only from an accredited distributor.


17.    Is it expensive? 

Compared to any other immune boosting and modulating product on the market, Transfer Factor is extremely cost effective.


18.    Are there any testimonials on the effectiveness of Transfer Factor? 

Yes – thousands.  Click Here to view testimonials





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