4Life® Shape-Fast® Ultra (90ct Bottle)
Peak Energy Formula


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Shape-Fast Ultra from 4Life provides key ingredients that promote:

Jump start your weight-loss efforts with the power of Shape-Fast Ultra!

Thermogenesis and appetite suppression are two important factors that can assist successful weight-loss. Shape-Fast Ultra combines a synergistic formula of ingredients that boldly provide both of these and more!

Shape-Fast Ultra features a powerful blend of ingredients that include a patented extraction of Coleus Forskohli, or ForsLean, a potent herb shown in studies to promote thermogenesis and lean body mass, which may help the body accelerate calorie burning and break down fat for energy.*

To optimize results 4Life recommends that Shape-Fast Ultra be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program.

Primary Benefits

What makes this product unique?


I have tried many different diets, only to gain back the weight. I decided to try Shapefast Ultra along with Catalyst Plus. I noticed a difference in my appetite in just a matter of a couple of days. I feel like I have more energy during the day. I’m very pleased with these products and highly recommend them.
Melissa C. 4Life Distributor

I used to weigh 172 pounds and today I weigh 138. This product has everything that I need, with 4Life Transfer Factor and essential vitamins to support my body’s needs. Everyone that knows me knows about this product. I’m so happy. This product has helped me reach my ideal weight as I combine it with a sensible diet and exercise.
Lessdiane R. 4Life Distributor
Puerto Rico


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